Wealth Management

Wealth management means different things to different people – it depends on your interpretation of  ‘wealth’. For Financial Planners, it encompasses all your assets, whether they be cash, property or investments.

Our Wealth Management service is designed for private clients (individuals, couples and families), companies and organisations. It enables them to:


  • create, enhance and preserve wealth
  • use that wealth to achieve goals more effectively


We take the following initial steps:


  1. Assessing the categories of wealth you already have
  2. In depth goal planning
  3. Understanding your attitude to risk to help us to deliver a solution within your risk profile


We then use lifetime cash flow planning to:


  • ascertain whether your wealth will allow you to achieve your goals
  • highlight planning areas that need addressing
  • propose changes to ensure you do not run out of wealth during your lifetime


We do not operate an in-house discretionary management service. As independent practitioners we are able to offer a much more varied asset management service.


Part of wealth management may well include us providing some form of investment advice.


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