What We Offer

Goal-driven financial planning.


At King’s Court, our financial planning focuses on the most effective way of aligning your present financial circumstances with achieving your short, medium and long term goals. Our experience and training can not only give you real peace of mind, it can lead to more financial possibilities.

Through our personalised Financial Planning Process, we start by learning all about you – your aspirations for yourself and your family, as well as your financial means to achieve them. Once we have a thorough understanding, we put together a detailed Life Plan which creates a financial ‘roadmap’ for reaching those goals.
It works in two stages:


Stage 1: Advice

To determine whether your current means are appropriate to achieve your future goals, we provide up to date valuations of your present investments and use specialist computer modelling to determine whether they are sufficient.


From our analysis of your current circumstances – along with our knowledge of your goals and attitude to risk – we undertake complex financial forecasts that help us determine how best to achieve you lifetime goals.


Any advice that you receive from us will be unbiased and straightforward. We will ensure that you fully understand our advice as well as the implications of accepting it.


Stage 2: Action

Once you have understood the advice we will accept your instructions – whether it is to follow our advice or otherwise. We will then implement your instructions speedily and effectively in the most cost-effective way.


Regular reviews

Throughout the length of our relationship we will keep your circumstances under regular review to ensure that we are on progress towards meeting your goals.


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