Estate Planning

Estate/Inheritance Tax Planning (IHT) – Do I need to plan?


Who to (perhaps why?) and how do I leave my/our money when I die?


Am I/we happy for the Government to receive any monies over the inheritance tax-free allowances?


Do I/we have peace of mind and an understandable clear plan in place for my/our heirs to understand my/our wishes on how my/our estate assets are to be distributed on my/our death(s)?


How can we help you?


In conjunction with our sister company King’s Court Estate Trust Planning Ltd (the partners of KCFP are the directors of this company) we are able to advise you and put a tax-effective Estate Plan in place to ensure your personal estate planning wishes are met.


There are some extremely effective ways of using HMRC ‘tax scheme’ approved investment products that can significantly reduce an individuals exposure to an IHT liability for their heirs, in the right circumstance.


This planning would be used in combination with utilising the normal annual IHT gift allowances. Plus now there is the new extra ‘Main Residence Nil Rate Band’ available to individuals if they meet the set criteria to be eligible for this tax free allowance.


Your Estate Plan


A well thought out discussed and planned for Estate Plan will help ensure your assets are to be distributed how you want them to be and tax effectively.


Our advice is based on our understanding of Government legislation as it stands when the advice is given. We will update clients on any changes that may affect the advice given as part of the agreed planning review service.


To discuss our Inheritance Tax and Estate Planning services please contact us to discuss further by using the below contact us link.


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