Our Financial Planning Process

Our process is designed to be detailed yet straightforward and transparent, giving you the information and confidence to make potentially life-changing decisions. Every stage is geared to your individual requirements – understanding your circumstances and objectives before tailoring the most suitable advice.

First contact

Contact us by phone, email or feel free to drop by our offices. We will have an initial discussion, without obligation, to establish whether you are likely to benefit from our services.


Initial assessment

It’s important that you feel confident and comfortable from the outset. So the initial face-to-face consultation is relaxed and informal, enabling us to get an overview of your circumstances, concerns and objectives. We will explain our business ethic, the way we charge and together we will decide whether King’s Court is the right company to help you.

If you feel we are, then we look at how best to meet your needs. Our initial advice will include a realistic assessment of your existing financial arrangements – whether they are appropriate or whether they need to be reviewed to achieve your goals more effectively. Together we will analyse your circumstances and decide whether it’s worthwhile proceeding.


Stage 1: Advice


First meeting

This involves spending time getting to know you better, gaining a much more detailed understanding of your current financial position and your short, medium and long term goals. We look at your assets, liabilities, income, expenditure as well as your attitude to risk.


Life Plan

We will go away and put together a detailed financial Life Plan, setting out how best to achieve your stated goals. We will fully explain how we formulated this advice.


Stage 2: Action


To implement your Life Plan step by step, we offer our professional guidance as to the most suitable approach – this may include recommending specific financial products available on the market. However, any guidance will be entirely unbiased and solely based on what will benefit you.


Regular reviews

Once a Life Plan is in place, your progress should be reviewed at regular intervals to make sure you are on target. Any adjustments will depend on changes in your circumstances and goals. These will be discussed and agreed with you as we journey towards achieving your objectives.


You will be invited to attend a review meeting at least once a year. You will also receive news from us by email and will be able to check your fund balances in a secure area of our website.

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