Advice Process

Initial Enquiry


You can contact us by telephone, or email or by calling into our offices if you are passing. Whatever means you use we assure you that we will respond to your enquiry with courtesy and without delay. We will have an initial discussion with you by telephone or in person so that we can agree whether you are likely to derive any benefit from our services. This initial discussion is without obligation on your part to make use of our services. Should you decide to proceed with us we will offer you an initial appointment.


Initial Meeting


This meeting will give you an opportunity to explain in more detail your objectives and for us to understand your specific requirements. This will also give us the opportunity to explain to you the way we work, something of our business ethic and the way in which we charge for the services that we offer.


You will be asked to bring to this meeting documentation that we are required to request in terms of formal identification. We will also ask you to provide us with details of your financial circumstances (assets, liabilities, income, expenditure, etc).


The information that you provide at this meeting will enable us to understand your current circumstances and your future goals, and will provide us with a comprehensive picture of your situation, which we can then assess.


Action Plan


This leads on to the formation of an Action Plan which details how you can best reach your stated goals, and in the most tax efficient manner.


  • Advice
    The information that you provide to us will enable us to undertake an analysis of your present circumstances and will also enable us to make a recommendation. Any advice that you receive from us will be clear and unambiguous and we will ensure that you fully understand that advice and the implications that flow from you accepting that advice.


  • Implementation
    Once you have understood the advice that we have given we will accept your instructions, whether it is to follow our advice or otherwise, and we will implement your instructions speedily and effectively in a professional manner.


Regular reviews


Throughout the duration of our relationship, which we trust will be a long one, we will keep your circumstances under regular review to ensure that we are on course towards meeting your goals. You will be offered a review meeting at least once a year. You may also receive news from us by email. Of course, you are most welcome to contact us at any time about any of your financial affairs.

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