TheĀ Team

We are a committed team that is dedicated to providing you with solutions that respond to your individual needs and requirements.

Each member of the team contributes towards ensuring that your needs are understood, that you are provided with the best possible advice and your instructions are acted on in a highly professional manner.


We have a team of 8 people within King’s Court made up of financial planning partners, paraplanners, technical adminstrators, office and accounts adminstrators. The two founding planning partners are supported by the planning team to provide our clients advice.


Please click on Kevin and Mark’s profiles below for their details; we have chosen not to give details of our planning team staff on our website due to recruitment agencies calling and contacting our staff at work.


Financial Planners:



Financial Planners and Asset Managers. If interested, please call 01225 777343 and speak to Kevin Wiltshire or Mark Crofts.