Later Life / Retirement Income Planning

We are finding that our clients are looking not to necessarily retire completely, but to ‘re-tyre’! In other words, perhaps continue in their work role, but on a more part-time basis as they love what they do, in addition to being rewarded well for their work experience and expertise with the remuneration paid, being either necessary or at least ‘handy to have’ to fund their lifestyle.


Alternatively, clients may have been offered a remuneration package ‘too good to resist’ to leave their existing work role or they have sold their business, but wish to remain ‘work active’ to keep the grey matter in use. This could be either a new commercial or work venture or perhaps in a voluntary role as a trustee or working for a charitable organisation etc.


Whatever choice you make to have a fulfilling later life there are likely to be financial matters that need attending to e.g. Do I drawdown on my pension? How should I tax effectively take income? Do I have enough money to meet my future needs and life goals?


We can help clients plan for this next stage of life without planning expertise and having dealt with clients previously looking to make the most out of life.


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