Age Up To 30

We live in a material world. As our children grow so does our expenditure – clothing, sports equipment, bicycles, activities – the list is endless. We need to incorporate this expenditure into our financial plans at an early stage to plan for this future expense.

What if one or both of us becomes ill or dies? Will those who are left to care for our children have financial security?


School and university seem such a long way off in the future, but private education and university fees can be very expensive. It pays to think about providing for these costs at an early stage.


Private education?

You may decide to pay for private education for your children or grandchildren. If you haven’t catered for it, the high cost can be crippling, particularly if you have more than one child. It is possible to plan for the future cost of private education – and the sooner the better.


College or university

Another proud moment: Your child has been accepted at university or college. If you planned correctly for your children’s education, you may already be able to support them at university or college for the next three years. If you haven’t, you may have to look at alternative means of funding. A call to your Financial Planner will help you to make the right decision and give you the peace of mind that your children will be able to focus on making the most of their university or college experience.


Starting work

Independence at last and an income to dispose of. No matter how much money you earn in the future, there will always be the capacity to spend it. And you can be certain that major costs lie ahead – the first car, the first house, marriage, children, etc. Planning for these events now will save much pain and disappointment later on.


It is also a fact that, although retirement is a long way off, planning correctly now will provide the best opportunity of ensuring peace of mind when that time comes.


First home

Usually buying your first home involves arranging the finance to make it all possible. Your Financial Planner can guide you through the various alternatives and help you choose the finance option that best suits you and your circumstances.

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