How We Are Paid

From the outset we are open and transparent about how are paid for the service you require. We believe it’s the fairest way for us to give unbiased financial planning advice, with solutions that are purely designed to benefit you.

Consistent with our planning process, our charges are generally assessed in the following way:



Stage 1 – Advice: Fee basis

Fees are usually based on time spent working on your planning advice – we keep an individual ledger for each client. Furthermore, we match the most appropriate member of the team to the different aspects of your planning. This ensures we deliver the most effective planning solutions in the most cost-effective way.



Stage 2: Action: Fees and/or ‘Adviser Charge’ (commission)

This will not always involve the purchase of new financial products – in many cases this does not happen. But where we do act on your instructions, we will agree a payment structure up front – on the basis of fees alone or a mixture of fees and commission. We will always advise you in advance about prospective commission and how much it is likely to be. The actual amount received will be credited to your ledger account so that you benefit from it.

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